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Quality Caring, Dignified and Professional Pet Cremation Services

At Caring Cremations we understand that when you lose a pet, you lose a member of your family.
We offer a dignified and caring service and are here to help you at this difficult time.
Ask your vet clinic about Caring Cremations or contact us directly on 027 247 2557 / 09 835 2557 or at info@caringcremations.co.nz

As pet owners ourselves we know how important it is to be confident that your pet will be treated in a professional, dignified and caring manner on their final journey.

Caring Cremations provides aftercare for beloved pets with compassion, respect and dignity.

Cremation provides greater flexibility when choosing a final resting place. Ashes can be buried or placed in a special memorial area in your home, or they can be scattered in one or more of your pet’s favourite places.

Pick-up arrangements can be made from your vet clinic or from your home.

Caring Cremations offers Individual, Separate or Communal cremation.

Seperate Pet Cremation - Auckland, New Zealand

Separate CremationWe provide a signed cremation certificate and guarantee that the ashes you receive are those of your pet.

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Private Pet Cremation, Auckland New Zealand

Private (individual) CremationFor those seeking total peace of mind, in a private cremation your pet is the only pet in our pet cremation chamber.

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Communal Pet Cremation - Auckland, New Zealand

Communal CremationFor owners who do not wish to have their pet’s ashes returned but who want to know that their faithful companion has had a dignified departure.

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