Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered in one place
How do I make the final arrangements?
If your pet has been euthanised at your veterinary practice, your vet will discuss the options available with you.
If your pet has passed away at home, you can contact us to make the arrangements yourself. We can collect your pet from your home or vet practice
What is a private cremation?
A private cremation means that your pet is the only pet being cremated in our pet cremator. Some owners prefer to know that their pet has been cremated exclusively.
What happens if my pet passes away in the evening or at a weekend?
We will do our best to be available to pick up your pet whenever you need us. Weekends are usually no problem and we will try to get to you in the evening if we can. If not, we will pick up your beloved pet the next day.
How do I know they are the ashes of my own pet and not someone else’s?
With our identification process and our meticulous mapping and record-keeping we guarantee you will receive the correct ashes and not those of someone else’s pet.
Is it all my pet's ashes that I get back?
The intense heat of the cremator means that there are only bones that remain after the cremation process is complete. These are processed in our cremulator and ground into ash, so yes, these ashes are all of the physical remains of your pet.
Do you embalm pets?
We do not embalm pets to preserve them before cremation as this introduces toxic chemicals to the process. We cremate as soon as we are able to but do occasionally need to hold pets in either our chiller or our freezer until they can be cremated.
Can I cremate anything else with my pet?
You are welcome to cremate your pet’s favourite soft toy if you wish but please be aware that we cannot cremate any plastic toys or other plastic items as they may produce toxic emissions.
Can you cremate pets that have been micro-chipped?
Yes, pets that are micro-chipped can be cremated without any issues. The micro-chips are small enough to be fully combustible during cremation.
What happens to my pet while waiting for cremation?
We always try to cremate your pet on the day we receive them, however sometimes this may not be possible. In this case we will keep your pet in either our chiller, or in our freezer, whichever is most appropriate.
Is it better to bury or cremate my pet?
This may be a personal or religious choice, however it is not always possible to bury your departed pet at home and cremation does offer greater flexibility when choosing a final resting place. Ashes may be easily buried, they can be scattered in one or more of your pet’s favourite places or they can be retained in an urn or casket of your choice.
Are you available to come to my home?
Yes, we can collect your pet from your home if you are within the Auckland area. Please contact us to arrange this.
Do I need to bring my pet to Caring Cremations in Auckland?
Some owners prefer to bring their pets to us, however we offer a home pick-up service in the Auckland area or we can collect your pet from your vet clinic.
Will my pet be cremated on its own?
We offer private (individual) cremations for owners who wish to have only their pet in our cremation chamber, however in other cases we generally cremate a small number of pets at the same time. Even when pets are cremated at the same time we always ensure they are kept separate during the actual cremation process.
How much does it cost to cremate my pet?
This varies depending on the size of your pet, and also on which of our services you choose. Please contact us directly for information about options and prices.
What days do you operate?
We operate 6 days a week but we will always do our best to work in with you and meet your needs whenever we can.
When will my pet’s ashes to be returned?
We will return your pets ashes within 5 working days. If there is a delay due to circumstances beyond our control we will always let you know
Can I attend my pet’s cremation?
You are welcome to say goodbye to your pet in our quiet and restful ‘farewell’ room, and remain in our facility during the cremation process if you wish, however due to health and safety considerations you will not be able to see the cremation itself.
May I inspect the facilities where my pet's aftercare will be performed?
Of course, you are most welcome to visit our facility. Please contact us to arrange this though as we may not always be on site.
In what type of container will my pet's cremated remains be returned?
With our Separate cremation service your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in one of our blue cardboard ash boxes although for an additional cost you may choose one of our wooden ash boxes instead. For our Private (individual) cremation your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a beautiful wooden ash box. We are happy to return your pet’s ashes in your own urn or casket or other suitable container if you would prefer, just let us know.